Finding the Fashion that Fits the Real You

Finding the Fashion that Fits the Real You | True North Apparel

Everyone wants to be in style. The truth is that the perfect style for you is, you guessed it, unique to you. It's not about replicating someone else. You don't want to be a carbon copy of another person. You want to choose the colors, fits, and comfort that accentuates your own body and personality.

Have you ever ordered a dress that looked absolutely amazing in the ad? You couldn't wait to try it on. And then when it arrived, the fit was off or the color made you look washed out. Even if it was perfectly fitted for you, the cut might have been all wrong for your body type.

How does this happen? Because you're not choosing the styles that fit you! 

Perfect Pairings for Your Personality

I think everyone should play with fashion. You can love colorful fun hoodies and comfy denim. That doesn't mean that you should live in only that look.

You should feel free to explore new trends in fashion all the time. Learning how to bring out your personality is a way to let your creativity play. The things you choose to wear also tell a little story about you. People who meet you pick up moods and feelings based on how you present yourself. And it's not just your clothing choice. The way you feel in the clothes you wear makes a huge difference, too.

Three tips to let your personality shine through your style:

  • Choose colors that compliment. Have you ever noticed that your face looks brighter or your eyes really sparkle in a certain color? One girl might look amazing in tops that look awful on us because the color just doesn't match with who we are. Pay attention to the colors that make you feel good. Got a favorite profile pic? What color are you wearing? It's probably one that's flattering for you. 
  • Know your body type. My best cut is a v-neck or sweetheart. It complements the shape of my body. Strapless never looks good on me, no matter which way I turn or how well it's tailored. When you know your body type, you can choose looks without the disappointment of trying to fit in styles that really aren't made for you.
  • Don't forget the shoes (or boots!) I have a friend who says she can tell everything about a person by the shoes that they wear. I don't know how accurate EVERYTHING is, but I will say that a cheap-looking or unflattering pair of shoes will ruin a great outfit. On the other hand, the perfect pair of women's high heels can take a pair of jeans and a cute top from supermarket casual to first date gorgeous.

Choosing your best style for your personality is all about finding the clothes that feel amazing on you. When you look in the mirror, you should see who you aspire to be.